Meet Mieke 


Welcome to Libesa. My name is Mieke and it is my dream as a mom of three, to make you light up and smile every time you walk into one of your beautiful, unique Libesa rooms. I am here to help you and hold your hand every step of the way while choosing your dream nursery for your little one.

I know how daunting it can be, especially while pregnant and maybe even working full time, in choosing all the elements to come together to form a beautiful nursery. Not even to mention the financial implications . I had to learn the hard way. Both times while pregnant I found myself with a complete pregnancy brain, being a  working mom myself  with limited time  and on top of that an empty purse…… realizing that this whole “creating a beautiful nursery thing” is costly, timely and nerve wrecking with so many options and trends out there to choose from.

What goes with what? I started feeling completely overwhelmed. I went through my little nesting phase like most mothers-to-be do, but I was no expert and eventually, both baby rooms just happened. Nothing really came together, but it was practical and I had to make peace with the fact that my baby rooms will always look a little “last minute”.

But I never did make that peace and every time I walked into one of the rooms, it grated me. I so badly wanted a beautiful room for all my babies. That is when the idea of Libesa was born. It came gradually over time and the idea eventually materialized into a business. I never want another mom to feel the way I did…

My husband and I are now the proud owners of Li BeSa- meaning a blessing from God. And it truly is, because it is the first two letters of our three children’s names put together. Our precious princess Lilly, and our beautiful twin boys Ben and Sam – our blessing straight out of heaven.

Now, let me do the thinking and creating for you, beautiful mommy. My pregnancy brain is long gone and in the meantime I have become an expert in the field of creating beautiful baby nurseries.

Creating is my passion and this was my promise to myself, to never allow another mom to feel like I did, just because this whole nursery thing caught her off guard during a very hormonal phase of her life.

Come on this very special journey with me and let’s make this  nursery a sanctuary for you and your little one on the way!


All in one delivered to your door in a box! (Well obviously not the cot and compactum in the box, but the rest will be in a box. lol)


Mieke Ross

Meet Ian


My husband is a civil engineer and loves to create as well, so when I told him about my idea, I badly wanted him to be the one to design and oversee the manufacturing process of our furniture. He is an excellent craftsman and I needed him on my side! Luckily it did not take much convincing after a glass of wine one night!

He is one of my heroes and because of his natural talent to design and bring it to life, I knew I had a winning combination in us. Like the day I married him!

Now we work together as a team to bring Libesa to life. Our furniture is top quality. Ian does all the designing of our furniture and oversees the manufacturing and distribution of our products.

Welcome to our family business. Your little one’s first ever room is in safe hands. That is a promise!

Ian, Mieke, Lilly, Sam and Ben!


Mieke Ross